Q: Can you take over the maintenance of an existing application?


To begin with, we will discuss the maintenance philosophy with you. What do you want to achieve? In many cases, the store will have to remain open during the renovation. We therefore offer various alternatives based on your wishes. They may look like this, for example: Set up a maintenance team that provides daily support and at the same time work on redeveloping and/or further developing the application and ensuring long-term continuity.

Q: Can you also offer quality control as a separate service?

If you are looking for a service provider that, as an independent party, can play a role in guaranteeing the quality of your software, we offer various options. We can offer Quality Assurance specialists and testers as part of your Development Process. We can also perform certain types of tests for you on request. Would you prefer a party that thinks along with you about improving the quality of your custom software and the development process? You are at the right place

Q: Which technologies do you support?

We are a a platform for serious software developers who want to be grow their technical and professional skills. We believe that one trait in good software developers is their curiosity and hunger for knowledge. Therefore they keep up-to- date with the latest trends and developments.