Visionary Tech Ltd Policy 

Policy Objectives

The Policy has important four objectives: 

  • Advance Visionary tech priorities in support of the Corporate Plan & Privacy.

  • Reach prime value for money.

  • Ensure integrity and responsibility for outcomes within its services.

  • Safety of Visionary tech staff and workplace.


Visionary tech Priorities

Service we provide must seek to advance the company’s value and reputation with clients and prospect organisations. 

Privacy of our clients is on top of our values. We keep the records of our clients secure until it is erased after the agreement is finished. 


Value for Money 

Services must seek to obtain value for money in its goods (purchased from professionals and well recognised organisations) and services. The real value for money valuation must comprise consideration of the contribution to the progression of Visionary tech importance, data protection of its staff and clients and the disposal of unnecessary data or materials. We will not be sharing our clients and customer’s data with any third parties.


Probity and Responsibility 

Services must conduct its purchasing materials in accordance with obligations set by Visionary tech  Financial Regulations. Visionary tech has the right to cancel any purchases made within its parameters of work ethics.  Staff involved in acquiring need to be familiar with Visionary tech Policy and the related training/ procedures. Any work we conduct, we are not reliable and or responsible for any data loss that may occur. 


Safety at work 

Safety of our staff comes first at the workplace. We adhere to Her majesty’s government regulations at all times. We value the work we do and put efforts to accomplish it.